Finishing Stuff; a Progress Report by Jeff Baker, 4/19/20. (Note; I haven’t finished anything!)


April 19, 2020

I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t start any new story until I’d finished what I was working on. Largely, I’ve kept to that, except for a few starting paragraphs that I typed up and filed, and a few longer starts of projects likewise filed away. With the current “Great Pause” (as Scott Coatsworth calls it) I have more time to write. So I’ve promised myself that I’ll try to work on something every day and start finishing this backlog. That’s about fifteen unfinished stories on the list so far!

Tonight (okay, early this morning) I wrote up about 140 words on a science fiction story I’d started almost exactly two years ago. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it and some others and will recount the progress here. And hopefully, I’ll write more mysteries! (I’ve been neglecting that!)

Henry Kuttner told young Ray Bradbury not to describe his stories while he was working on them, save the energy for writing the stories; you get more written that way. I have agreed, to the extent that I don’t even give out the titles. But I will here, because I’m starting something and even if I don’t work on this one later on today (or tomorrow) I want to note the title here:

“Me and Eddie Birnbocker In the Grass, In the Dark.”

Watch this space for future progress!

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