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Short Stories from “Invisible Men,” (1960) edited by Basil Davenport. Reviewed by Jeff Baker (Part Four.)

Basil Davenport’s “Invisible Men.” (Part Four.) Sturgeon and O’Brien. By Jeff Baker A Topical Note: While I highly recommend this anthology, I would ask that you forgo buying it on Amazon, as their employees are currently (as of March 31, … Continue reading

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Tea And Enmity by Jeff baker for Cait Gordon’s Flash Fiction Draw Challenge, January 14, 2020.

Tea And Enmity By Jeff Baker   I followed Luc down the narrow stone stairway into the dark interior of the ancient castle, lit by the flashlight beams generated by my revulator and by the greenish glow of the device … Continue reading

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Something dark for Friday Flash Fics, for June 22, 2018 by Jeff Baker.

                             At the Bottom of One of These Abysses                                                             By Jeff Baker             I am writing these lines in the … Continue reading

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