More Progress Reports, Jeff Baker, April 20, 2020.

The planned daily (or near-daily) writing progress report has good news tonight (or early this morning—I keep odd hours!)

I finished this week’s Friday Flash Fics story, and it looks good! I also worked on the major story I started about a month ago; I think that it’s one where I’ll wind up with a first draft that will need a major overhaul. I also worked on the story mentioned yesterday (“Me and Eddie Birnbocker…”) and it is going very well and looks good, even if I’m not writing a page a night!

Lastly, to my surprise, I wrote a bit and plotted out some of a story called “The Prophecy of Hosea,” which features Bryce Going, who shows up in about six of the flash fiction stories. I’ve been wanting to do some longer stories in this series and maybe publish a collection some day. The story is going better than I expected, and I worked out if not an ending, the major plot point of the story. If I do submit it, probably it will be with another title: the first story was called “The Flight Into Egypt” (I’d been reading about that and a painting about the Biblical story) and so I used the imagery for subsequent titles. The finished stories have a Manly Wade Wellman feel, mixed with some magical realism.

Phew! That, and this entry, are a lot for tonight! Signing off!

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