Jeff Baker, Bibliography

Jeff Baker, Bibliography (As of February 14, 2023)

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Demeter’s Bar (series)

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As Mike Mayak

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Reprinted in “Swamp Life: Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

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As Skip Hanford

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“The Alchemical Arrangement”—QSF “Innovation,” 2020 contest anthology.


“You Never Know What’s Going to Walk in Through the Door”

(Accepted for Dick Stoghill memorial anthology “House of Many Rooms” in 2010.)

Selected Non-Fiction

“Five TV Shows That Could Have Gone M/M”

Published in “RoM/Mantic Reads,” September 27, 2022:

“A Gayer-Than-You-Think Laugh-In World”

Published in “RoM/Mantic Reads,” November 22, 2022:

“Eric’s Buddy: A Deep Dive Into That 70’s Show’s Gayest Episode.”

Published in “RoM/Mantic Reads,” December 6th, 2022.

“The Private Life of Jodie Dallas.” RoMMantic Reads,” January 24, 2023.


“Halloween 2022”

Published in “RoM/Mantic Reads,” October 28, 2022

“Date Night”

Published in “RoMMantic Reads,” February 14, 2023.