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Rendering Unto Friday Flash Fics, August 2, 2019 by Jeff Baker

  Render Unto Caesar By Jeff Baker   “The University is up in arms,” Inspector Maguire said. “I know,” said Professor Carrolton, sitting down at a desk in the University laboratory. “The Mayor is asking questions, they want the Police … Continue reading

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Toy Story for Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker May 31, 2019

  The Forlorn Bear By Jeff Baker   I was twelve years old and I was in bed with a cold. Over my protestations, my Mother sent for the doctor. Our regular doctor having been summoned on another call, Old … Continue reading

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Historical Fiction for Day #18 of Short-Story Month.

By Jeff Baker I love historical fiction, and there are plenty of short-stories in the genre. Steven Saylor wrote a series of novels and short stories set in Ancient Rome featuring Gordianus the Finder, basically a private detective. The short … Continue reading

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More Mystery for Day #11 of Short Story Month

By Jeff Baker I’m nuts about locked-room mysteries, impossible crime stories, you get the idea. Stories that couldn’t have happened but did! Not just a Whodunnit, but a How-The-Hell’d-He-Do-It? I’ve written a few and even published one, but I’m … Continue reading

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Short-Story Month, Day # 10. I Love a Mystery.

By Jeff Baker I’ve loved mystery short-stories for decades. Let’s start with Greg Herren’s “Annunciation Shotgun,” (which appears in New Orleans Noir.) Set in the post-Katrina New Orleans the author knows so well, if it was an episode of “Alfred … Continue reading

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“A Gentleman Dapper…” Friday Flash Fics for April 5, 2019 by Jeff Baker.

Had a bit of trouble posting the picture prompt; Suffice to say it was a shot of a woman in a red outfit with a red hat topped by a red rose. So, I put my author photo up.  A … Continue reading

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In a Fog with Friday Flash Fics for March 22, 2019 by Jeff Baker

                            McGuffin and the London Peril By Jeff Baker   Delmar and I were waiting on a cab and made the mistake of going back into the … Continue reading

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