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Something Is Up in Barracuda Flats, for Friday Flash Fics, July 2, 2021 by Jeff Baker.

Something Up in Barracuda Flats by Jeff Baker I inhaled on the cheroot and blew the smoke out the open train window. I stared at the scenery. “Travel” certainly came from “travail,” no doubt about it. I’d had easier rides … Continue reading

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Lodovico Senarinz and His (Grandfather’s) Steam-Powered Hyperdrive. Flash Fiction Draw Story by Jeff Baker. October 11, 2020

            Lodovico Senarinz and his (Grandfather’s) Steam Powered Hyperdrive                                                    By Jeff Baker             “There it is! There’s the barn!”             Johnny Reade pointed his flashlight at the dark bulk in the dusk. It looked like something out of the … Continue reading

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