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Wings On His Feet for Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker: An anniversary post, May 22, 2020.

With Wings on His Feet By Jeff Baker   The rain had stopped and the air was humid. Andre bounced on one foot, then the other and looked up and down the city street. He shook himself, feeling himself loosen. … Continue reading

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“Double Date,” a reading by Angel Martinez.

Angel Martinez, herself a fine author, does a weekly reading on Fridays on a podcast on her website. While you’re there, check out some of her other features; loads of fun and information! Here, she gives a reading of one … Continue reading

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Something for Shakespeare’s Birthday by Jeff Baker (April 23, 1564.)

People are celebrating Shakespeare’s Birthday (probably April 23, 1864) in this strangest of years. Shakespeare himself lived in strange, dangerous times, so I think this is appropriate. My offering of fiction here is something of an alternate history, riffing on … Continue reading

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Finishing Stuff; a Progress Report by Jeff Baker, 4/19/20. (Note; I haven’t finished anything!)

April 19, 2020 I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t start any new story until I’d finished what I was working on. Largely, I’ve kept to that, except for a few starting paragraphs that I typed up … Continue reading

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Along Comes a Steampunk Spider. April 2020’s Flash Fiction Draw Challenge Story by Jeff Baker

Note: The prompts for the April Flash Fiction Draw Challenge (thanks Cait Gordon!) were a steampunk story involving a spider set at an apothecary. I send my thanks to Jan Grape for her input and suggestions which made the story … Continue reading

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Futuristic High-Rise for Friday Flash Fics, April 2, 2020, by Jeff Baker.

  Exeunt From A Silver High Rise: A Gentlewoman Steps Forward By Jeff Baker   Author’s Note: This week’s picture, a futuristic tower, made me think of a corporate high-rise and The Jetsons. And I’d been thinking of Shakespeare and … Continue reading

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Short Stories from “Invisible Men,” (1960) edited by Basil Davenport. Reviewed by Jeff Baker (Part Four.)

Basil Davenport’s “Invisible Men.” (Part Four.) Sturgeon and O’Brien. By Jeff Baker A Topical Note: While I highly recommend this anthology, I would ask that you forgo buying it on Amazon, as their employees are currently (as of March 31, … Continue reading

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