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Monday Flash Fics: “The Case of the Velvet Clause.”

                               The Case of the Velvet Clause                                                 By Jeff Baker               “Hey! Watch your hand! That’s my crotch you’re squishing!”             “Oh, sorry!”             It was an occupational hazard at the law firm of Musselman and Pearce. Their … Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fics: “No Room at the Inn”

                                    No Room at the Inn                                         By Jeff Baker               The weather was bitter cold, the stars were a glorious spread of winter colors and the lights on the idling trucks were orange. The two men stood … Continue reading

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Snow Day—Monday Flash Fics

                                          Shadows and Snow                                                 By Jeff Baker               Steve ran in and slammed the door shut behind him before we could yell at him to stop letting in the cold. The blizzard had hit right before noon and the … Continue reading

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A Summing Up Of Sorts

For the last twenty years or so I’ve written down what I did on New Year’s Eve and a reflection on the ending year, maybe to keep a record or spur myself ahead. I always thought of publishing them and … Continue reading

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