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“Eric’s Buddy” article on RoM/Mantic Reads by Jeff Baker.

RoM/Mantic Reads (the E-Zine I’m a contributor to) has kindly posted my analysis of a Gay-themed episode of “That 70’s Show,” and how it could have been only the beginning! My thanks to Fiona Glass for maintaining the site!

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Reading a Teen-Age Outer Space Story (Golly!) Jeff Baker, February 6th, 2022

I haven’t done as much writing as I should but I have kicked it up a notch on the reading in the last month. Yesterday, I bummed through a paperback edition of a 1962 Y. A. anthology “Teen-Age Outer Space … Continue reading

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Ron Goulart: An Appreciation. By Jeff Baker. January 15, 2022

Ron Goulart: An Appreciation by Jeff Baker Ron Goulart. Comic book historian, expert on pulp fiction and a master of blending humor with science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery, has died just after his 89th birthday. I never met Ron … Continue reading

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Sounds of a Kansas Summer, by Jeff Baker. September 8, 2021.

Sound of a Kansas Summer by Jeff Baker They are the background noise to the crickets, the fireworks and the other sounds of summer. The loud, whirring almost metallic noise is familiar to nearly every Kansan, but the details might … Continue reading

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New Year’s 2021—-by Jeff Baker

To end this hideous year we did a whole lot of nothing. Took a nap from about five P.M. to nine P.M. Fireworks had popped occasionally all day. Got up and watched “Quantum Leap” reruns ’till midnight. Fireworks really started … Continue reading

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An H. G. Wells Halloween; a memory from Jeff Baker

It was about 1980-81. I was still in College, living in the dorm. Some time around the 29th-31st we held an impromptu Halloween party one evening in one of the dorm rooms; first floor, west corner. Probably too many people … Continue reading

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Seeing the Summer Triangle

         Seeing the Summer Triangle by Jeff Baker Some things are constant regardless of what is going on here on Earth. The Summer skies put on their ancient show no matter what. This evening, around eight p.m. … Continue reading

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