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“In The Caves,” Part Two of my Serial Story is posted on RoM/Mantic Reads. Jeff Baker, Friday January 13th, 2023.

Got a nice Friday the Thirteenth surprise this evening! “In the Caves,” part two of my serial story that began with “Toward the Marogas Hills” has posted on RoM/Mantic Reads! Here it is and I promise the story isn’t finished! … Continue reading

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“Androids & Aliens.” J. Scott Coatsworth’s New Collection is Out!

My friend J. Scott Coatsworth has a new collection out! I could gush and babble about this collection, but I’ll let Scott tell it. Androids & Aliens is Scott’s third short story collection – eight sci fi and sci-fantasy shorts … Continue reading

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New Story in RoM/Mantic Reads! “All the Pleasures Prove” by Jeff Baker, November 11, 2022.

Dragons in the mall! In my latest story set in the magical Food Garden Court, Skid and T’amec, our young and underpaid fast-food workers, face this and more, as their unexpected relationship causes a few questions to be asked! It’s … Continue reading

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David R. Slayton’s New Book! “Deadbeat Druid.” (And My Copy is Signed!) —-Jeff Baker, November 10, 2022

My friend David R. Slayton’s latest book “Deadbeat Druid” is now available and he was kind enough to sign my copy! It’s the latest in his supernatural series about Adam Binder. In this one, Adam must journey into the netherworld … Continue reading

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My Latest Poem on the RoM/Mantic Reads e-zine: Halloween 2020 from Jeff Baker. October 28, 2022.

Fiona Glass has done me the kindness of saying some very nice things about my Halloween poem “Halloween 2020” which is up now on RoM/Mantic Reads. It’s spooky in a different way. Here’s the link:

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Some RoM/Mantic Reads for Halloween. Jeff Baker, October 19, 2022.

RoM/Mantic Reads, the new e-zine I am among the contributors to, is celebrating Halloween in a nifty way. Through the next few weeks, several of us will be posting “stories, poems, bits and bobs” for the Halloween season. Starting things … Continue reading

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New Anthology QSF’s “Clarity.”

Presenting the latest anthology from Queer Sci Fi: “Clarity.” Stories from the 2022 QSF Flash Fiction contest, all stories 300 words or less, all dealing in some way with the theme of “Clarity.” Stories by authors like Steve Rasnic Tem … Continue reading

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New Story in an e-zine! “Toward the Marogas Hills” on RoM/Mantic Reads. Jeff Baker, September 9, 2022.

My story is the latest of several to be featured in this fine new e-zine! Check it out! And special thanks to Fiona Glass for all her work and for asking me for a story! Here it is! Enjoy! reading

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“Three Left Turns to Nowhere” from Bold Strokes Books. Jeff Baker, March 16, 2022.

Just got my autographed (thanks, Jeff!) copy of “Three Left Turns to Nowhere” from Bold Strokes Books. The anthology features three interconnected Gay romantic novellas set in the same little town. Three groups of strangers on their way to a … Continue reading

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“Nereus.” New Story by Mike Mayak (a.k.a. Jeff Baker) in Orion’s Beau Quarterly’s Inaugural Issue!

My (as Mike Mayak) latest story “Nereus” appears in the new online magazine “Orion’s Beau, Quarterly,” alongside work by Stephen Mead and Sarah Butkovic in the premiere issue; Spring 2022. My special thanks to editor Solomon Robert for making the … Continue reading

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