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A Ghostly Rainbow Snippet, by an author much better than Jeff Baker. November 28, 2021.

My post this week for the Rainbow Snippets group is a little different: We usually post a snippet featuring at least one LGBT character. None in this, but the writer is an LGBT icon–the legendary Oscar Wilde! And as Christmas … Continue reading

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“Oh Stately Bird.” A poem for Thanksgiving by Jeff Baker. November 25, 2021

Note: I wrote the original version of this a number of years ago. Here’s a Thanksgiving feast. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!                                    Oh Stately Bird                                       By Jeff Baker             Oh stately bird             Who is there that does not … Continue reading

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Two Rainbow Snippets from Jeff Baker, for November 20th, 2021.

If you’re just joining us, I post a weekly writing excerpt on “Rainbow Snippets” where writers share six lines of one of their (or someone else’s) writing with LGBT characters or themes. Something a little different this week. Two … Continue reading

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Shave Every Day with Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker. November 19, 2021.

Shave Every Day And You’ll Always Look Keen by Jeff Baker “Mister Magruder.” The voice in the hallway was firm. “Uh, yeah?” Lonnie said. “At this school, you’re supposed to be clean-shaven. Even if you’re a senior.” That was Mr. … Continue reading

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Watching the Partial Lunar Eclipse; November 18/19, 2021. —–Jeff Baker

I’m going to watch the partial Lunar eclipse tonight and I will be posting updates. The Moon will be covered over 90% by the Earth’s shadow, so it should be almost like a total eclipse. I’ll try to post smartphone … Continue reading

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Rainbow Snippets, for November 13, 2021. Drabble, Drabble, Toil and Trouble.

For this week’s Rainbow Snippets, where we post six lines from a work of fiction (usually ours) I decided to see how much of the story I could squeeze into six lines. From four years ago, here’s part of a … Continue reading

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The Bright Silver Saucer in the Meadow. Flash Fiction Draw Challenge story for November, 2021, by Jeff Baker. (November 12, 2021.)

The Bright Silver Saucer in the Meadow by Jeff Baker Being married to the Grand Sorceress has some advantages. Most of the time. The family complains, says I should live in a palace or at least a mansion. But we … Continue reading

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A Royal Message for Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker. November 11, 2021.

Royal Message by Jeff Baker Polly ran, ran, ran for her life. The feudal barons of Domainia were this close to being in rebellion, let alone all-out war. Only the information she carried in the hands of Her Majesty could … Continue reading

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Latest Book! (A Reprint This Time!) November 7, 2021

(Photo by Darryl Thompson) Got the copies of the anthology “Swamp Life” reprinting my (as “Mike Mayak”) story “Summer Skies.” I look happy! It can be ordered from Puppycat Press.

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Rainbow Snippets Goes To Ferrer City: Jeff Baker, November 6, 2021.

I’ve joined the Rainbow Snippets group where we post six lines of our fiction on the weekend. This one is from a story I just sent off. I’ve used the setting on the Moon “Ferrer City” in a few … Continue reading

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