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New Anthology “Flight.”

My story “Wing’d His Roving Flight,” is in the new flash fiction anthology “Flight,” a collection of LGBT-themed stories from Queer Sci Fi. I wanted to rip-off, uh, “borrow” a line from Shakespeare to use as a title. Turned out … Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic. for Sept. 26, 2016; “Don’t Blame The Messenger.”

            Don’t Blame the Messenger                                           By Jeff Baker               “Okay, if you’re an angel, how come you’ve got a bicycle instead of wings?”             “Angels are messengers,” the man at the front of the bike said. “Haven’t … Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fics, Sept. 18, 2016; “Goodnight, Sweetheart.”

(Note: This story is a sequel to my story “Atmosphere,” posted August 29, 2016 on “Monday Flash Fics” Facebook page.)                                         Goodnight Sweetheart                                                 By Jeff Baker               “How’s the coffee?” Bryan asked.             “Good,” Nico said with a … Continue reading

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Something Psychoactive for Monday Flash Fics

                              The Bison Tenniel Minute                                           By Jeff Baker               “It’s vandalism, plain and simple,” Tenniel said. “That’s why I hired you.”             Phillips and Ervin stared at the metal sign somebody had wired to the fence. … Continue reading

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“Serenade on the Beach”

(Written for the Monday Flash Fics Facebook Page)                                       Serenade on the Beach                                           By Jeff Baker               Being a calendar model is so glamorous.             Right then, I was sitting on a beach getting sand up … Continue reading

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