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Progress Report: July 30, 2021, from Jeff Baker.

Not a lot of progress on the fiction in the last two and a half weeks. Did just about a paragraph on the anthology mystery due October 31st. Started a story on the spur of the moment—wrote about half a … Continue reading

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“When the Wind Blows” for Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker (July 30, 2021)

Note: I grabbed the picture for this week from the old Monday Flash Fics page from before I ever started posting there. Thanks to Brigham Vaughn for posting the original picture! When the Wind Blows the Cradle Will Rock by … Continue reading

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“In a Van By the River” for Friday Flash Fics, by Jeff Baker. July 23, 2021

In a Van By the River by Jeff Baker Day Three: It’s evening. It’s beautiful. I can hear the water lapping the bank, if you can call a rice paddy a bank. My ancestors were here over three hundred years … Continue reading

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“Mystery at Castle Dracula,” Conclusion. Friday Flash Fics, by Jeff Baker, July 16, 2021

Mystery at Castle Dracula, Conclusion by Jeff Baker The Story So Far: Vampire hunters Jessie Skedderis and Shawn Rodriguez have traveled to Transylvania, accepting a mysterious invitation at what may be Castle Dracula. But the servant Wilhelm is a real … Continue reading

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Progress Report; July 13th, 2021 from Jeff Baker

Got some stuff done! Not what I expected to! Wrote one extra column, worked on another and wrote some on four stories and finished another for a market I’d just found out about (wound up about 1400 words) and fired … Continue reading

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The Reidels Investigate in “Looking For the Yellow House,” for Friday Flash Fiction by Jeff Baker. July 9, 2021.

Looking For the Yellow House by Jeff Baker (A Donna and Sean Reidel Mystery) “You take that way, I’ll take this way.” Donna Reidel pointed and her husband Sean nodded. They were tired, hungry and spattered in mud. The last … Continue reading

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Battle Crime With The Dustman! Flash Fiction Draw Challenge Story for July, 2021 from Jeff Baker. July 7th, 2021.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The draws for this month’s Flash Fiction Draw Challenge (Thank you, Jeffrey Ricker!) were a comedy set in a car trunk involving a vacuum cleaner. I’ve used a lot of song titles as story titles but I never … Continue reading

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Progress Report, July 6th, 2021. From Jeff Baker.

Surprised myself by finishing and revising two (count ’em, two!!!) full-length short-stories and fired them off to their respective markets. One being the Saturday Evening Post (Fingers crossed!) Also worked on a couple of the Flash Fiction stories, and finished … Continue reading

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Something Is Up in Barracuda Flats, for Friday Flash Fics, July 2, 2021 by Jeff Baker.

Something Up in Barracuda Flats by Jeff Baker I inhaled on the cheroot and blew the smoke out the open train window. I stared at the scenery. “Travel” certainly came from “travail,” no doubt about it. I’d had easier rides … Continue reading

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