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‘Nathan Burgoine’s “Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks,” review by Jeff Baker.

            ‘Nathan Burgoine’s first Y. A. novel “Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks” is another damn good read from this author who is just getting better. It throws a bit of an X-Men curve into a kid’s last days in High … Continue reading

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Oh Stately Bird, a poem for Thanksgiving, from Jeff Baker.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I posted this a few years ago, and wrote it about twenty years ago for Thanksgiving. Enjoy! Oh Stately Bird by Jeff Baker             Oh stately bird             Who is there that does not love you             Our … Continue reading

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“Gobble-Gobble!” Friday Flash Fics from Jeff Baker for November 20, 2020. Happy Thanksgiving!

                             Gobble-Gobble                                By Jeff Baker                                       “Hello? This is special agent Gobbler calling agent Goosey-Loosey. I’ve found Agent Tom Turkey, and it doesn’t look pretty. Yeah, like we figured. Plucked. Stuffed. Cooked. No, not the Pellegrini Boys, not … Continue reading

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More Progress! About 3:15 a.m., November 18/19, 2020 from Jeff Baker.

Bragging on myself here, but I did a bunch of writing in the last few hours. Mainly fragments of other stories, the ending for “Summer Job,” my story from the 90s I never really did much on then. Really re-wrote … Continue reading

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Much-Delayed Progress Report from Jeff Baker (November 18th, 2020)

Okay, I haven’t been posting these lately, but I did do a little more writing than I thought I would! (Been lazy lately!) I finished the QSF column, started another, wrote both the Friday Flash Fics story and the monthly … Continue reading

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“Incident in an Elevator” November 2020 Flash Fiction Draw Challenge story from Jeff Baker, November 15, 2020.

                                   Incident in an Elevator                                      (A Bryce Going Story)                                          By Jeff Baker             My hand still smarted under the bandage; at least I only needed stitches and hadn’t cut off anything on the slicer I was using in the … Continue reading

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Lucky Day! Friday Flash Fics for Friday the Thirteenth (November 13, 2020) by Jeff Baker.

                              My Lucky Day                                By Jeff Baker             Usually, my luck is pretty good.             I was flat broke one time, okay nearly broke, and I wandered into one of those little corner grocery shops and bought a lottery … Continue reading

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Upon the Dawning, Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker, for November 6, 2020

                                            Upon the Dawning                                                 By Jeff Baker                                                 “Hey! Wait! Could you, like, move out of the way? Just out of the way? I’m taking a picture here! With this camera. This one. I’ve been on this beach … Continue reading

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Progress Report on a Messy Morning from Jeff Baker; November 4, 2020.

Did a little editing on the big WIP I wanted to finish this Fall. (Okay, I wanted to finish it before Halloween, so I’ll get it done this month. I don’t think its market has even opened yet.) I actually … Continue reading

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