Stormy Weather! Alison Lister’s “No Limit on Love” reviewed.

“No Limit on Love,” reviewed by Jeff Baker

“No Limit on Love,” Alison Lister’s first YA novel is a breezy, fun, sweet read.

The Queer YA romance is about Dan, who is just deciding to be “they/them” and not go by “Danielle” any more. They meet Levi, hot and non-Binary, when the two of them are the only ones at their High School to show up to clean up debris at the school after a massive storm that knocked power out all over the city (including some of the communications that would have gotten some of the other kids there.)

What follows is a romantic story full of the sweet and awkward moments of young love, none of which feel contrived. Their first kiss in a darkened library is not to be missed!

“No Limit On Love” is what is called a “hi/lo,” meaning it is a “hi interest, low reading complexity book” meant mainly for young readers who do not have a high reading level for one reason or another. None of the book came off as simplified or simplistic in either its prose or its tone.

And it takes place in our modern era, with references to COVID, climate change and the war in Ukraine.

Finely-drawn characters and realistic settings and situations make this a fun read. Highest recommendation.

—–jeff baker

Here’s how to order this book and others in the series from the publisher, Lorimer:

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