Heavy Metal At “The Gate” in Wichita, KS (Jeff Baker, May 11, 2023)

Heavy Metal at The Gate: a Record Shop in Wichita

by Jeff Baker

I stumbled across a literal hole-in-the-wall record shop just east of downtown Wichita that I had never heard of and which deserves more attention.

“The Gate,” described as “A Heavy Metal Record Store” is at 115 S. Pattie 101. Just off Douglas. It is what it says it is; a small, old-fashioned record store selling Heavy Metal L.P.’s, C.D.’s and even cassette tapes! Plus a wall full of old magazines, many about music and movies but I found a 1947 copy of the digest magazine “Avon Fantasy Reader,” including reprint stories by Bradbury, Collier and Lovecraft.

As befits a used store there is a feel of a shop from another time among the vintage items for sale. They even sell video tapes!

The shop has been open for over two years and deserves your patronage.

Rock on!

Here’s a link to their website: http://www.thegaterecordstore.com/

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