Rainbow Snippets, April 30th, 2022. “Will You Still Respect Me…” by Jeff Baker

Rainbow Snippets April 30, 2022

Every week we post six lines of a work of ours, or a recommendation of a work of someone else’s on “Rainbow Snippets,” here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/?multi_permalinks=7268901533179846&notif_id=1651353382055545&notif_t=group_activity&ref=notif

This week, another of my weekly flash fictions from a picture prompt (which I posted above.) In “Will You Still Respect Me in the Morning?” https://authorjeffbaker.com/2018/01/05/a-swap-meet-for-friday-flash-fics-by-jeff-baker-january-5-2018/ best buddies Johnny and Luke are checking out each other from a different vantage point; they’ve spent a few bucks to have themselves temporarily transferred into each others bodies.

In the 23rd Century, you can do that!

Here’s snippet one:

Luke stood in the doorway running a hand through the short hair. He looked down and flexed the right bicep, staring at the tattoos.

“I don’t remember this one, the one of the face,” Luke said.

“You should,” Johnny said, from in front of the mirror.

Luke flexed the biceps again. “Seriously, you really took care of yourself. This body looks good.”

Here’s snippet two:

“Thanks,” Johnny said with a grin. “Yours does too.” He grinned into the mirror. The face that grinned back was tanned and dark haired. The body was lean, not as muscular as the figure standing in the doorway but with some good definition.

“Be careful with that body, I get it back tomorrow afternoon,” Luke said grinning with Johnny’s teeth.

Okay, a little more:

Johnny’s body (which Luke was occupying) was muscular, tattooed with reddish brown hair. “This is crazy, you know.” Luke said.

“Yeah,” Johnny said. “But it should be worth it.” Luke grinned again; he was getting used to seeing his own face and hearing his own voice coming from over there.

Well, that’s our snippets for this week! Take care and I’ll see you in May! —–jeff

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4 Responses to Rainbow Snippets, April 30th, 2022. “Will You Still Respect Me…” by Jeff Baker

  1. janadenardo says:

    The idea of body transference is fun.

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