A Swap Meet for Friday Flash Fics, by Jeff Baker (January 5, 2018.)

26055805_322421618255416_3708938565997131904_n                                                                  Will You Still Respect Me In The Morning?                                                                                        

                            By Jeff Baker

            Luke stood in the doorway running a hand through the short hair. He looked down and flexed the right bicep, staring at the tattoos.

            “I don’t remember this one, the one of the face,” Luke said.

            “You should,” Johnny said, from in front of the mirror. “You used to like to rub it with one hand when I was on top of you when we’d…you know.”

            “I think I usually had my eyes closed by that time,” Luke said. He flexed the biceps again. “Seriously, you really took care of yourself. This body looks good.”

            “Thanks,” Johnny said with a grin. “Yours does too.” He grinned into the mirror. The face that grinned back was tanned and dark haired. The body was lean, not as muscular as the figure standing in the doorway but with some good definition. “How much do you weigh, anyhow?”

            “Mmmm…about 185 pounds last time I checked,” Luke said. “Be careful with that body; I get it back tomorrow afternoon”

            “Yeah, you take care of mine too,” Johnny said. “Hey, where did you get those shorts? The ones with the marijuana leaf on them?”

             “Office party gag gift,” Luke said grinning with Johnny’s teeth. Johnny’s body (which Luke was occupying) was muscular, tattooed with reddish brown hair. “This is crazy, you know.”

            “Yeah,” Johnny said. “But it should be worth it.” Luke grinned again; he was getting used to seeing his own face and hearing his own voice coming from over there.

            Johnny had inherited money, and he’d told Luke this was something he’d wanted to try. It was, he said, “a little faddish and kinky,” but it could be fun. They’d spent enough to have themselves transferred into each other’s bodies for 48 hours. Since they got back to Johnny’s apartment they’d spent about an hour gawking at each other. Since body transfer as a way to keep prisoners in line had been declared illegal in 2237 the transfer companies had gone private. It wasn’t legal to do permanently, say to extend life, but after filling out a lot of paperwork it could be done temporarily.

            “Hey, turn around,” Johnny said. “I want to see my backside.”

            “So, when are we going to, you know, do this?” Luke asked, facing the wall.

            “Um, well. Anytime.” Johnny said. “Whenever you’re ready.”

            Luke grinned. Johnny was getting cold feet. Maybe he was too. This was different. Essentially making love to themselves. Luke faced where Johnny was sitting and stared. Unabashedly checking out his own physique. Not a jock but still nice, in a way. Not super-hot like he thought the body he was in now was. But still…

            Luke looked down at his shorts. “Pup tent,” he said.

            “You’re actually blushing!” Johnny said walking over to Luke. “I didn’t think you ever did that!”

            “So, how are we going to do this?” Luke said with a grin.

            “The usual way.” Johnny said. “Let me help you out of those shorts.”

            “Be my guest,” Luke said, kissing him (Weird feeling—kissing your own lips!)

            “I could get to like this!” Johnny said.

            “Yeah, but I like you either way!” Luke said.



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2 Responses to A Swap Meet for Friday Flash Fics, by Jeff Baker (January 5, 2018.)

  1. lizlisterauthor says:

    Hahahahaha! Brilliant!

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