Rainbow Snippet for April 23, 2022: “Ticklish Days,” by Skip Hanford.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

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Something a little different, definitely PG-13 this week. From my (as “Skip Hanford”) science fiction/BDSM story “Ticklish Days” that was published in “Rule 34, Volume Two” from Sin Cyr Publishing. https://sincyrpublishing.com/2020/04/01/rule-34-volume-2-release-day/

In this dystopian world, 20-something Bobby Sanchez, like other guys his age who qualify, must turn himself in for two weeks of state-sponsored tickling for paying customers who can also stream the videos. A tough spot to be in, but fortunately, Bobby finds a friend and maybe more.

Here’s snippet one:

Bobby was exhausted when the tickling stopped at least an hour later. He tried to catch his breath as he heard the kid strapped down next to him on the upright leaned platforms laugh and scream and swear. Then Bobby heard the voice from somewhere behind him.

“Hey, new guy, you okay?”

“Yeah.” Bobby’s voice was hoarse from laughing and yelling.

“I’m Carlos. How you holding up?”

Here’s snippet two:

“I’m Bobby Sanchez. Doing okay, except for being strapped down here.”

“Doesn’t get a lot better, ‘bro,” Carlos said. “We just have to tough it out.”

“Got two weeks, not sure how I’m going to get through it,” Bobby said.

“Tough it out, Roberto,” Carlos said. “I got into a fight my first day here, so they got me here for a couple of months ‘till they decide what to do with me.”

This stretched a bit over six lines, but I couldn’t resist!

Hope your week, dear reader, does not put you in any ticklish situations!


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2 Responses to Rainbow Snippet for April 23, 2022: “Ticklish Days,” by Skip Hanford.

  1. Oh, wow, this is hilarious, terrifying, and leaves me wondering how this came about!

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