Friday Flash Fics. “Up There” by Jeff Baker, April 23, 2022 (Yes, Saturday!)

Up There

by Jeff Baker

It seemed the two of them were high enough at the top of the small hill to touch the emerging stars or to see them wobble in the wind which blew their grey hair.

“I think that’s it!” Willie said.

“Where?” Ellen said, staring at the sky.

“Right there. There.” Willie said pointing upward. There was a bright dot hanging over the western horizon in the blue dusk.

“That’s Venus,” Ellen said.

“I know Venus, that’s not Venus.” Willie said. “I’ve been watching the skies for oh, sixty years now and…”

“It’s not moving. That’s Venus.” Ellen said.

Willie squinted. “All right, maybe it’s Venus.”

“Look up there!” Ellen said excitedly.

“Where?” Willie said.

“Straight up!” Ellen said, pointing.

“Oh, there it is!” Willie said. “Look at it move!”

The dot of light moved toward the Western horizon, growing brighter as it moved into the sunlight far above the Earth.

“Oh, here comes another one!” Ellen said as a second dot emerged from the shadowy blue, following the first.

“Looks like they’re busy tonight,” Willie said.

“I’m just glad you don’t work on that damned loading dock anymore” Ellen said.

“You’d think being only a sixth of Earth’s gravity would help,” Willie said. “But not when you’re loading a thousand boxes a day. Or night. It never felt like night to me with the Earth up there in the sky.” He smiled and drew her close.

“You know what they used to say when they saw what they used to call a shooting star?” Willie said, eyes twinkling.

“What?” Ellen said smiling.

“Make a wish!” Willie said.

The two of them stood there and kissed as the sky darkened and the stars smiled down.


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