Another Progress Report Supplement, from Jeff Baker (October 27, 2021)

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Day Two; Around 11:09 pm CDT (I Know What You’re Thinking)

Magnum P.I. playing on TV again and I am deep into writing this story and live blogging about it. (Same as yesterday/this morning.) Been at it about forty-five minutes and have about 3425 words now, that’s about 418 words typed-up in the past hour.

Spent a lot of the time typing up and revising an original handwritten page from months ago. I had changed the plot enough that it had to be re-written. Oh, well.

I studied some of Norbert Davis’ stories for his style and humor. Hopefully I can approximate his light touch.

Check back here: I will be typing for a few more hours.

——Jeff Baker, October 27, 2021 CDT.

Hardboiled Evening

It’s about twelve-thirty am, October 28, 2021. I wrote about 263 words, sections from various parts of the story. Tying it together and writing more is going to be the challenge, but I’ll see if I can get the first draft done by Halloween. (This coming Sunday.)

So, I’m going to look through some Norbert Davis and maybe work on this later on.

Total wordcount right now: 3687 words.

——jeff baker, 12:33 am. CST October 28, 2021.

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