A Progress Report Supplement, by Jeff Baker. October 26, 2021.

Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

INTRODUCTION: Deep In The Plak Tow.

My friend Jerome Stueart is a writer and artist, and he has been doing livestream videos of creating some of his artworks. (I have one, he’s good.) I wanted to do something like that, except that my livestream capabilities are nil and while an artist creating an artwork is visually stimulating a writer typing is just boring (even with dramatic pauses for bathroom breaks.

So, I’m live blogging this tonight and I’ll add updates to this as I go along.

First some background. I have a deadline for an anthology, October 31st (of this year) and I decided to write a story on the theme. I had plenty of time, I found out in May and wrote out a few paragraphs.

And then I got stuck. I haven’t done anything on this since June. But yesterday (October 25th) I thought I may as well try. And I hit on a solution to a major plot point, which I didn’t have before. So, now I’m going to go for it. I have about five days to finish this with a wordcount of three-thousand words or more, but my heroes are some of the pulp writers, so the tight deadline fits. If I finish about three pages a day I will have the amount. Hopefully more.

I started writing tonight about an hour ago (well about nine-thirty P.M.) and to my amazement the story started to cook. So, I’m making progress.

Speaking of pulp writers, I’ve been reading Norbert Davis (1909-1949) who also used humor in his hard-boiled stories, and as I like a story with a few smiles I’m emulating him.

Not that my tough, shady, tarnished knight of a private eye isn’t going to find danger, bullets and death amid the laughter.

So far, I have about 800 words. It’s ten forty-nine. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be off and running down the dangerous streets of this story again.

Check back in an hour or two. I will be updating.

——— Jeff Baker, Oct. 26. 10: 51 p.m. CDT

The Tarnished Knight Stalks Dark Streets (So to speak.)

Okay, it’s five minutes after midnight, October 27, 2021 and I have made some progress. Between about eleven-fifteen p.m. and Midnight I wrote about 700 words. The wordcount total is now at 1520 words. Some writers write to background music playing. My background has been a couple of episodes of the original “Magnum P. I.” playing on TV. My private eye is the opposite of the moral, sometimes exuberant Magnum. I am working the second chapter of this story first, I have the last part of it finished. I need to finish the first part; my P. I.’s conversation with another character. That character is about to meet a very messy death.

Speaking of messy, I have probably about 250-500 words already written out in a notebook. Typing that up is progress too but I have a feeling this is going to be longer than the deadline-meeting 3000 words. Plus, I have to check the submission guidelines. And use the bathroom. (I drink a lot of tea/water while writing.)

———–October 27, 2021. 12:11 a.m. CDT.

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head 1:37 a.m., October 27, 2021.

It’s pouring outside, storm passing through Kansas wit thunder, ect. And I’m cooking with gas on the story. Wrote 662 words since the last update. Also wrote a few notes and drank a bottle of water and used the loo again. (Ironically, one of the scenes in the story involves a bathroom, with some discussion of a toilet tank!) The wordcount is at 2188 words now.

I need to go over this story when I’m going because it’s way more serious than I had planned for a Norbert Davis homage. But I will have time to do it. I checked the submission guidelines online (I had written them down) and they have been moved. Previously it was October 31st. Now, it is December 31st, 2021.

Still, I’m holding on Halloween as the deadline to finish this first draft, pulp writer style. After reading through some Norbert Davis.

Okay. It’s 1:50 a.m., October 27, 2021. Going to do a couple of things and then hit the story again. Pulp typing begin!

————–Jeff Baker 1:51 a.m. CDT October 27, 2021.

Had I But Known—-2:51 a.m. CDT. October 27, 2021

Lots of progress. Shutting down for the evening/morning.

As of 2:51 this morning I have written a total of 3006 words. About 818 words since 1:55 am. Added another character, re-wrote a bit of it. Realized that I’m probably going to have another 3000 words to his done by Halloween (my personal deadline for the first draft, even though the story isn’t due until New Year’s Eve—thank you, revised deadline!)

I also have to read some Norbert Davis and snuggle with the most wonderful husband ever.

And I have managed to kick the writing into high gear, something I haven’t done a lot of lately.

So, to those of you following as I live blogged this, thanks. I hope you enjoyed the trip! A wild ride that isn’t over by any means.

——Jeff Baker. 3:01 am, CDT October 27, 2021.

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