Progress Report, September 19, 2021, from Jeff Baker.

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Industry and discipline pay off!

For the last few weeks I have pushed myself to write every day and to work on two stories at the same time (something i swore off a decade ago!) But I have developed skills of discipline and industry (skills I was sorely lacking for many years!) and with persistence I finished a 4700-word mystery story, or at least the first draft. (A pretty good first draft if I do say so myself!) I also worked on the weekly flash fiction stories, added on to one of the flashes I’d posted (another one ballooning to short-story length?) did a few notes/lines on a “World of Three Moons” story, the first one, I started about 2012 over at Bret and Eric’s. I also have a full-length fantasy that’s almost finished (I haven’t written notes about that one in my daily progress notebook, I’m sure I wrote something on it in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, I have another historical mystery that is on its way to being finished. Both of them impossible crime stories by the way; one about a vanishing assailant (who may be a statue!) the other a locked-room murder!

Since I’ve had better luck placing mysteries and got good response from a few of the big magazines I made up my mind to write the mysteries I have kind of synopsized out. I haven’t seen as many historical mysteries in the magazines lately so I’m starting to write some. Influenced by Edward Marston, who writes mystery short-stories (and novels) set in time periods as diffuse as Ancient Egypt and WWII. I have the time, I should not waste it. Spend a few hours writing every day and I can do this! I’ve also pushed myself to read some more, for pleasure as well as to write a review or two!

That’s about it for now!

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