Progress Report Addenda (And That List!) from Jeff Baker, Sept. 19, 2021

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I’m re-posting part of this Progress Report from March, to see how I’ve done with the list of plotted out stories I need to finish. For the record, in the last six months I kept up my casual, coasting progress until about a month ago when i decided to get industrious and write a lot every day. So, here’s some of that list I posted (I think) March 10th of this year and how I’ve done.

A full-length “slick fantasy” baseball story I am aiming at the Saturday Evening Post. (I actually got a nice rejection for an alternate history I sent them a while back!) ADDENDA: Finished! Sent it off to SEP. Waiting to hear back from them!

Another baseball story, this one a mystery/crime story titled “Over the Fence Is Out, Boys.” (The title is an ancient baseball song quoted in the Three Stooges theme.) ADDENDA: Haven’t done anything on this.

A domestic horror story titled “Please Don’t Eat the Neighbors,” for which I owe Robert Lopresti for the idea to actually write what started as a Facebook joke. ADDENDA: Wrote a line or two and plotted out the characters.

A mystery/crime story set on a prison work crew called “The Absent-Minded Convict.” ADDENDA: Also haven’t worked on this.

A non-genre story that is also going to the Sat. Eve Post, titled “Youth Like Summer Brave, Age Like Winter Bare.” (Title from Shakespeare.) ADDENDA: Haven’t worked on this either.

A science-fantasy story I dreamed up (the basic idea anyway) while driving my beat up old Chevy Nova (my first car) home from work one night in either 1983 or ’84. ADDENDA: Wrote a few lines.

And I need to start up the second of a series I DO have planned out of a mystery series set in Ancient Rome. The first of this series in in a slushpile at the moment! ADDENDA: To my surprise I wrote a couple of flash-fictions in this series and just finished a full-length mystery story in this series.

And a Last Addenda from Sept. 2021: I’ve decided to concentrate on mysteries (which I’ve had better luck selling!) and I have several I need to start up and a couple I need to finish, including one in the Ancient Roman series called “A Good Place to Lose Yourself.”

That’s about it for now!

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