The Infernal Machine; Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker, July 24, 2020.


The Infernal Machine

By Jeff Baker



July 25, 2376

To: Oblivion Co. Head Office

From: Riley Arbuthnot

R.E.: Capuchin Asteroid.


Dear Mr. Baden-Baden:

Made it to the Capuchin Asteroid and it is HUGE! Artificial atmosphere just like Earth. Found the welder’s shop, the only one on the planet. Presented him with his shipment: 1 (one) case of surplus “soldier’s arms,” defined as “munition-projecting weapons, outdated sometime in the last century.”

Slight problem. The customer ordered 1 (one) case of soldering irons.

Clerical error. Please send correct shipment.

Also, please send tow ship for my delivery cruiser, which is in several large pieces, thanks to the crew at the welder’s shop who were really needing those soldering irons. Have them pick me up; I am on nearby Dubuque Asteroid. I will be at the snack bar.

Yours, Respectfully

Riley Arbuthnot.


P.S.: Might we discuss a raise?



——–for Mr. Upson and Mr. Botts

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