Opening Day, 2020.

By Jeff Baker

July 23, 2020


Imagine the scene: Black-and-white, midsummer, evening. A large, American ballpark. Empty seats with cardboard cutouts filling the stands. Camera zip-pans to SERLING, standing in front of the closed hot dog stand.

SERLING: “Opening day for major league baseball. Heralded with the appropriate fanfare as well as the requisite anthems. Young men fulfilling boyhood dreams running onto the field. But this will be a season like no other; as a plague has shut down much of the country leaving the boys of summer to carry on as the national pastime proceeds with business as usual in the face of the blatantly unusual.

This is the beginning of the baseball season during the end of the world…And you have box seats…in the Twilight Zone.”


(With apologies to Rod Serling.)

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2 Responses to Opening Day, 2020.

  1. Bruce says:

    More protocols to follow than the doctor’s office. Oh, and the first game couldn’t be completed. We’ve entered the Twilight Zone

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