“If you’ve got a problem no one can handle, and if you can find them…” Friday Flash Fics, January 26, 2019 (Saturday) by Jeff Baker.




                                                   By Jeff Baker                                       

            “Oh my gosh! I remember this! I loved this!”

            “Me too! They used to show the original on cable all the time.”

            “The original? I thought this was the original.”

            “I’m not counting the movie.”

            “The October Boys? I loved that!”

            “It was better than the series.”

            “Yeah, it had a literate script. To say nothing of people who could act.”

            “But it didn’t have that kick ass opening! The two police cars colliding and our four heroes walking up to the camera as the big fireball erupts behind them and the titles swirl out of that.”

            “We wanna do a reboot. The network is interested.”

            “You’re kidding! Are any of the cast even still alive?”

            “A couple of them are.”

            “How old are they? Ninety?”

            “About eighty. They’re doing cameos.”

            “Who are we getting to play Mort?”

            “One of the original cast suggested Jay Hernandez.”

            “Uh, I think he said he wanted to go out with Jay Hernandez.”

            “Maybe he wanted to be Jay Hernandez. Forget Jay Hernandez. What else do we have?”

            “Reboots of ‘Bewitched, The A-Team, and something called The Love Bot.”

            “Remake of Love Boat.”

            “No it isn’t. It’s about a robot re-entering the dating scene.”

            “Maybe they should call it Crashed on Reentry.”

            “Maybe we should go to lunch.”

            “L.A. Lunch. That’s another one. Instead of a high-powered law firm, it’s a high-powered lunch counter…”



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