Something sorcerous by Jeff Baker for Monday Flash Fics, December 18, 2017

25299388_10155869230184787_3985942074536705252_n                                                          The Sorcerer

                                                             By Jeff Baker

           The sorcerer’s life is not an easy one. Hard work. Decades of study. Long nights. (Some things can only be learned and studied under the stars of a black sky.) A solitary life. A life dedicated to the quest for knowledge and the mastery of power.

            It is a learned art, and once the doors of power are unlocked they cannot be shut again. A vocation and a calling rather than an occupation. A priest has been described as Celebrating. A sorcerer has no time for celebration. Perfection in their art is a necessity; there is always another sorcerer who craves their position and power. Power, however, must be restrained. The wrong word or thought can invoke chaos. The trained mind is safer.

            Sleep is a refuge for the sorcerer but even then, the wandering mind of dreams may invoke limited disturbance in the real world. Various levitations in the room surrounding the slumbering mage. Books. Glasses. Coffee out of cups, orbiting the bed like planets surrounding a sun.

            This is why so few sorcerers marry.



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