Window on the World, Monday Flash Fics


Almost didn’t write one this week, but this just poured out of me in the middle of the week. Call it an attempt to say something optimistic, or just tell a good story. —–j                                                                                 

                                Window on the World

                                        By Jeff Baker


            “Isn’t this the same motel room?” Brian asked.

            “Yeah, I think so,” Dennis said. “Coincidence.”

            “How’d we luck out on this?” Brian said.

            “Only room still vacant,” Dennis said. “Rest of ‘em all filled up.”

            “Fifteen years since we vacationed here, a lifetime ago,” Brian said. “And now this.”

            “The plumbing here works now at least,” Dennis said. “After all the work we’ve been doing. It won’t be like before but…”

            Brian leaned over and kissed him. They lingered.

            “Nice,” Dennis breathed a moment later. “Yeah.” They both laughed.

            “We’re going to be up for a bit,” Brian said. “I’ve got rations in my bag, and some candles.”

            “You haven’t noticed, have you?” Dennis said grinning and pointing out the window. “Look.”

            “Motel,” Brian read. “Hey, lights! The power’s on!”

            “Maybe all over the country soon,” Dennis said.

            “I guess the end of the world wasn’t the end of the world,” Brian said leaning over to Dennis again.



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