Dance of the Hours–Monday Flash Fics


This one was written heavily under the influence of Halloween!

                                   Dance of the Hours

                                        By Jeff Baker


            “Sssst! Over here! By this wall! Try not to attract attention!”

            “We’re naked. Anybody sees us, we get attention! Just glad you have a big backyard.”

            “Look! There they are!”

            “Which one’s yours?”

            “That one. The grey one with the creases.”

            “Eeeeew! That tie!”

            “Yeah. Birthday present. Any of those your clothes?”

            “Yeah. Those are all the ones I tried to put on this morning.”

            “What did you do, anyway?”

            “Same thing you did. Told the old lady she was too old for trick-or-treating.”

            “I told her she was pretty convincing as a witch but that we didn’t have any candy. Then, when I tried to get dressed for work this morning, my clothes just danced away!”

            “Same here. I didn’t think she was a real witch!”

            “Me either. Hey, there’s my bathrobe!”

            “Yeah, it’s dancing with my swimming trunks. I tried putting them on when my other clothes danced away.”

            “Just glad nobody can see us back here.”

            “Especially with that tan line, eeeeew!”

            “You’re nobody to talk!”

            “You going in to work like that?”

            “Nope. You?”

            “I have a home office. No video conference calls today, I hope.”

            “I’d better call in and, oh, crap!”


            “My cellphone’s in my jeans pocket. They’re out there dancing with your sweats!”



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2 Responses to Dance of the Hours–Monday Flash Fics

  1. Helena Stone says:

    LOL. That’s wonderful. Thank you for a big smile this morning 🙂

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