New Anthology “Flight.”


My story “Wing’d His Roving Flight,” is in the new flash fiction anthology “Flight,” a collection of LGBT-themed stories from Queer Sci Fi. I wanted to rip-off, uh, “borrow” a line from Shakespeare to use as a title. Turned out the line was said about Shakespeare, not by him. Well, I think it fits!

“Flight” is the second annual print anthology from the third annual Queer Sci Fi Flash Fiction Contest. The object being to write a complete science fiction, fantasy or horror story, 300 words or less, featuring LGBT characters and/or themes. (Phew!) The anthology includes stories by Loren Rhoades, Kirby Quinlan and Rory NiCoileain, among others. Having read some of the stories, and having read the previous year’s anthology (“Discovery”) I can highly recommend this one!

My special thanks to editor Angel Martinez, Queer Sci-Fi’s administrator J. Scott Coatsworth (who wrote “Flight’s” foreword) and Mila May who illustrated the cover!

As for writing my story, once the specific idea hit me it just breezed out of me. I’ve written a lot of flash fiction and even published some in print and I can’t wait for next year’s contest!

For those of you who want to order a copy, here’s a link. You can also go on the Queer Sci Fi site. Thanks for reading!

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