“Life Is But A Dream” Monday Flash Fiction, 6/27/16


Life is But a Dream

By Jeff Baker


“Yup. Boat’s in the tree all right,” Lars said.

“At least the water went down,” I said.

“May as well leave the boat up there, water will probably be rising again soon,” Lars said.

Since the Moon had started twisting off its regular orbit, the tides had become like mini-tsunamis. Some weeks were fine, others…

“I heard there were two solar eclipses on the same day a few weeks ago,” Lars said.

“Mmmmmm hmmmmm,” I said, not listening. Someone had said that the Moon had hung in the sky over the Northern Hemisphere and run through all its phases in just two nights a while back. Someone was always saying something. The oddities for Moon-gazers really weren’t important anymore. I was worried about massive tidal waves. And earthquakes.

“How’s the house?” Lars asked.

“Humid,” I replied. “Full of water in the basement.”

“Stock it with fish,” Lars said.

We both laughed.

“You know, I hear the Maguire house up on Karlen’s Hill is staying pretty dry,” I said, staring up at the boat.

“Really?” Lars asked.

“Big bedroom,” I said. “Spare bedroom too, if you want.”

Lars stared out at the receding water for a moment. Then he smiled and grabbed my hand. Life was too short not to take chances.

We started walking towards Karlen’s Hill. I glimpsed the Moon out of the corner of my eye. It seemed to be smiling at us.



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