Something Very Dark for “Rainbow Snippets” from Jeff Baker. April 28, 2023.

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Every week we post six lines of a story of ours, a work-in-progress or from someone else’s work we recommend that has LGBT characters on Rainbow Snippets here

I may have posted this, from my story “Something In The Dark” before. It features a loving couple who I admit were based a little on my late husband and myself. Fortunately we never got into a situation like this. Our snippets are from the earlier, domestic set-up. Although this is a horror story it was written with a lot of love. It was read over the “Monsters Out of the Closet” podcast by Eric Little.

I sleep with the lights on now.

Kevin and I had been officially married for four months. We owned our own business flipping houses. We’d worked through a lot of towns in Western Kansas near where Kevin had grown up. Hugoton, Elk Ridge, Rachel, even Dodge City. By the end of that summer we were in Darley, Kansas, working on a house at the edge of town.

Here’s more snippets, maybe a few lines over.

Buying fixer-uppers, fixing them up and selling them at a profit was a pretty cushy job, and was no sweat for us. We’d both been practically born with a hammer in our hands and once we got the power on and the plumbing working we stayed in the house we were working on, usually with the big inflatable air bed along with a cooler full of ice, food and soda. Saved a lot of money that way, and gave new meaning to the phrase “working from home.” Darley, Kansas wasn’t much. A main street with old brick, one story buildings, grain elevator by the railroad tracks to the north, water tower overlooking everything. Surrounding that were several streets with the newest houses mostly dating back to the 1960’s. The one we were in was a ranch style with faux brick below painted wood along with a concrete front porch with an awning. Most of the paint was peeling and the grass was overgrown in brown waves like a tan comb-over.

Okay, that’s enough before things get spooky (and they do!) Next week, an appointment with an angel.


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4 Responses to Something Very Dark for “Rainbow Snippets” from Jeff Baker. April 28, 2023.

  1. Quite the vivid picture!

  2. Interesting setup for the story. ❤️

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