The Hardboiled Detective, the Prison and the Model-T Ford. Flash Fiction Draw Challenge Results for April 2023:

Hi, again! Mike here, also known as “Jeff Baker.”

The Draws for the April 2023 Flash Fiction Draw Challenge were:

A Hardboiled Detective Story

Involving a Model T. Ford

Set at a Prison Work Farm

I almost didn’t do a story for this month’s Challenge..

As some of you know this has been a very very bad week for me. I had a good beginning for this story, written right after I posted the draws. It looked good and I figured I’d finish the thing in a couple of days.

But then, on April 4, 2023 early in the morning, my Husband Darryl died. He had been in intensive care and we thought he was getting better but then we found he was sicker than we thought.

I will be all right, but I figured the story would not be finished until a later date if ever. Then a few mornings later I went out to my car and found it had a nearly flat tire. So I drove it two miles to Kansasland Tire to have it repaired. (Nail. Repairs. $35.00 Whew!) But while I was sitting in the shop I pulled out my notebook, read what I had written and finished the story. And, to my amazement, I had fun doing it.

Darryl encouraged my writing, especially in the early 2010’s when I was not making time for it and complaining I wasn’t writing. Then he told me to make time and I did; working on writing stories on my lunch hour. He was as proud as anything when I started placing stories in anthologies. Who I am is a writer, and Darryl loved me for that among other things.

So. Here are the stories for April, 2023.

E. H. Timms wrote “An Unusual Body.”

And I (as “Jeff Baker”) wrote “All Work and No Play.”

Remember, it’s never too late to write a story of your own, post it in the comments and join in the fun!

We’ll be back with more draws and stories on May 8th, 2023! ——mike

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