What’s Under the “Dome?” A Special Friday Flash Fics from Jeff Baker, for April 7, 2023.


by Jeff Baker

April 3, 2023.

“There it is!” Inole said, pointing up the hill.

“Yes! Finally!” Gewe said, bending over, clutching his knees and catching his breath.

They had been running these last few yards.

The silvery dome, surmounted by a silver spire, was atop a low-roofed white building behind a low wall.

“Think there are guards?” Inole asked cautiously.

“Yeah. There’d have to be.” Gewe said.

“Let’s go.” Inole said.

Gewe nodded and they started up the hill.

The crouched and walked stealthily around the wall. Then Gewe peeked over.

“No guards,” he said.

“No guards?” Inole asked. “How come?”

“Don’t know.” Gewe said. “Maybe they’re as scared as we are.”

Inole nodded and pointed at the top of the wall. Gewe scrambled and hoisted himself over the wall. After a moment, Inole followed.

The area inside the wall was smaller than Inole had thought.

“Now what?” Inole asked.

“We use it.” Gewe said. “And maybe we get home.

“But how,” Inole said walking around the dome, “do we even get in?”

“With this.” Gewe said, holding up a small silver sphere that glowed in the dimming light.



This story was written early this week at the hospital when I believed my husband Darryl was going to get better and go through some physical therapy and be back home in a few months. Then we found out how really sick he was and he passed away a day or so later. So this story is for Darryl.

And y’know what? They’re all for Darryl.

I love you Honey. ——jeff

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