Rainbow Snippets Takes a Nap! “Skid and T’amec in Slumberland” by Jeff Baker, February 11, 2023.

Photo by Alexander Grey on Pexels.com

Every week we post six lines from a work of ours, a work-in-progress or published or a recommendation of someone else’s work with at least one LGBT character. Posted at Rainbow Snippets here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/963484217054974 This snippet may be appropriate for Valentine’s day.

Remember Skid and T’amec? The two twenty-something guys with the budding relationship who work in the Food Garden Court restaurant in a magical mall in a magical world? https://rommanticreads.wordpress.com/2022/11/11/jeff-baker-all-the-pleasures-prove/ This unpublished vignette came to me while I was dozing off one night; in it T’amec is showing Skid his cramped new apartment after work one evening. Think of this as a snippet of a snippet:

“I figure this whole apartment was probably the kitchen for a bigger apartment, then they partitioned it off into smaller apartments, or something,” T’amec said.

“Yeah,” Skid said, edging by T’amec to look out the small back window. They brushed together and stopped for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes.

“Hang on, here’s the fridge,” T’amec said opening the door. “Not much in there.”

“Yeah, anybody could tell you work in a restaurant,” Skid said.

Here’s a few more lines from “Skid and T’amec in Slumberland.”

Skid followed him out of the kitchen to the darkened doorway to one side. T’amec flipped on the light revealing a medium-sized bed and a small nightstand that largely filled the small room. There was a small space between the bed and the wall and Skid noted a pair of shoes sticking out from under part of what he assumed were T’amec’s dirty clothes.

“This is the, uh, bedroom.” T’amec said.

“Yeah, I noticed,” Skid said. “Nice bed.”

Let’s leave them to happily snooze. The whole thing will probably never see print unless I write a few more full-fledged stories and put them together as a novel. Until then and until next week, pleasant dreams! —–jeff

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6 Responses to Rainbow Snippets Takes a Nap! “Skid and T’amec in Slumberland” by Jeff Baker, February 11, 2023.

  1. Nice! Love the concept of a magic mall. (heart)

  2. Lovely little insight into their world! ❤️

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