“We Gather Together.” A Thanksgiving Story by Jeff Baker. November 23, 2022.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

AUTHOR’S NOTE: No Friday Flash Fiction story this week (taking a break!) but I wrote this for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! ——jeff

We Gather Together

by Jeff Baker

Marcus grinned as he glanced down the picnic table decorated with cutout turkeys and pilgrims as well as with a platter of real sliced turkey and casserole dishes filled with stuffing and mashed potatoes. There were cranberries and gravy being passed along the table somewhere. He counted quickly. Wow, he thought.

Marcus cleared his throat and called for attention.

“Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Even though it’s August.” There was some laughter from around the table in the sunlight. It was pleasant enough they had decided to hold the dinner outside.

Marcus went on.

“For the new arrivals, our annual Thanksgiving in August get-together started about twenty years ago after one too many trips over the river and through the woods in rotten, icy weather. Getting together in August seemed a better idea.”

There was a general nodding of heads around the table.

“So, we started this when my dear Vera was still alive and when at least a couple of our kids were still living at home. Some of the cousins showed up next year. Now I look around and there’s about twenty of us here! Mark and his fiancee Rebekah…”

Mark held up a hand and said “Yo.”

“And Christine and her, what? Girlfriend or fiancée, Sarah?” Marcus said.

“Just girlfriend for now.” Sarah said grinning back as Christine blushed.

Marcus raised a glass and everyone around the table followed suit.

“So, here’s to us. To our extended and, what’s the term, chosen family. And all our friends,” Marcus said. “Let’s remember that any day of the year is a day to be thankful.”

The glasses were raised a little higher, glinting in the sunlight.


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