Rainbow Snippets Goes to the Beach; September 10th, 2022 from Jeff Baker.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

Every week we post six lines of our original fiction or a recommendation of a work by someone else that has at least one LGBT character on the Rainbow Snippets page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/963484217054974 This is from one of my earlier weekly flash fiction stories “Serenade on the Beach,” from a picture prompt of two guys sitting naked on the beach (with discreetly-placed legs and guitar.) Here’s the link to the original story: https://authorjeffbaker.com/2016/09/04/serenade-on-the-beach/

Being a calendar model is so glamorous.

Right then, I was sitting on a beach getting sand up my butt, listening to Eddie play the guitar. He didn’t actually have to play, he just had to sit there and fake it, but since he could play he did. Unfortunately, the only song he knew was the theme from “Gilligan’s Island.”

Meanwhile, Gary the Director was telling us how to sit, how to smile, not to smile, how to flex and to act like it was summer. Yeah, in March.

Here’s snippet two:

People who don’t think it ever gets chilly on a California beach have never sat naked on one. At least Eddie had a guitar covering his front, I’d never done a nude shoot before.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Eddie said, between choruses stranding the Millionaire and the rest on the island. “They hire us to be in the buff and then they make us cover our junk.”

If this was a romance novel Eddie and I would fall for each other and run off in the middle of the shoot. But I couldn’t stand the guy.

Okay, that’s it for this week! Stay warm (or cool, as the case may be!)—-jeff

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4 Responses to Rainbow Snippets Goes to the Beach; September 10th, 2022 from Jeff Baker.

  1. Heh, depends on the romance novel! 😉

  2. janadenardo says:

    the banter here is making me giggle (as is the only song he knows is the GI theme song)

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