Rainbow Snippets” for September 3, 2022: “Saint Rabbit’s Eve” by Jeff Baker

Every week we post six lines of our original fiction or a recommendation of a work by someone else that has at least one LGBT character on the Rainbow Snippets page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/963484217054974 I’m really liking my series about two best friends (and maybe more than friends!) Skid and T’amec who work at the Food Garden Court in a mall in a magical world. I’ve published three stories in this series so far with another on the way in a few months. Here’s a link to the original story: https://authorjeffbaker.com/2021/04/15/hop-with-the-rabbits-for-friday-flash-fics-by-jeff-baker-april-16-2021/

Here, T’amec and Skid find themselves working a late shift on a night when it is not good to be out of doors.

Skid wished the Augury shop was open. Saint Rabbit’s Eve was their biggest day and the shop had shut down in the afternoon after selling out of amulets, but the Food Garden Court was still open. Nobody was asking for anything else, not that Thursday night.

“Hey, I got all the pans and dishes washed.” That was T’amec, leaning out the swinging doors into the back kitchen. “Got anything out here we can wash up?”

Here’s a few more lines as the story (and the mall) get dark…

Something caught Skid’s eye; the mall was getting darker. He glanced down the hall from the Food Garden Court; the lights were going off. No; there was darkness, like a rolling fog slowly moving towards them.

Saint Rabbit.

T’amec and Skid stared at each other; they weren’t kids walking around with necklaces of meat to offer Saint Rabbit if they crossed his path like in a Festival pageant or folktale, they were facing it for real.

That’s it for this week! Pleasant dreams, everybody! ——jeff

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4 Responses to Rainbow Snippets” for September 3, 2022: “Saint Rabbit’s Eve” by Jeff Baker

  1. This is charming and intriguing!

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