Hanging On; a Progress Report from Jeff Baker. June 23, 2022

Hanging On; a Progress Report

by Jeff Baker

A while back, when I started posting these reports my intention was to keep those regular readers informed on what I’m writing/doing.

And lately, as of June 2022, that hasn’t been a lot.

My Mom’s in a retirement home and about February she was hospitalized with pneumonia and was hospitalized (in the hospital and then in the care wing of the retirement home for about three months while she was treated and recuperated.) She also has pancreatic cancer which had been dormant for a couple of years. She had a Doctor’s appointment and found that her tumor is growing.

So; my Mom has moved into Assisted Living, which is like an apartment only with intensive care people checking in on her. She is not in any discomfort, she can get around and she has her friends and seems to be pretty happy in her ninth decade.

Me, I spent the last month running around like a chicken with my head cut off, arranging to have some of my Mom’s furniture moved either to her new, smaller apartment or into storage.

So, now that the moving is done I get to take a breather. Checking in on Mom every day and doing a few other things. Little of which involves writing. I’ve managed to do the weekly and monthly flash fictions and write up my monthly Queer SciFi column, and that’s about it. I’ve put everything else on the back burner, including a full-length mystery a friend of mine gave some kind and helpful input on. To say nothing of a few other writing projects I was really hoping to have finished by now.

All I know is, I am hanging on and even the inevitable doesn’t seem as dire as it could have. If it wasn’t for Darryl I might be going crazy right about know but I have managed to blow off a lot of stress.

So, that’s about it for now.

More later.

—-jeff baker, june 23, 2022.

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