Romance, a Sopping Wet Sponge and a Country Road. June 2022’s Flash Fiction Draw Challenge Results!

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Here’s the results for the June 2022 Flash Fiction Draw Challenge.

The Draws for the stories were:

A Romance

A Country Road

And a Sopping Wet Sponge.

E. H. Timms wrote “Returned With Interest.”

And I wrote “The Road Home.”

(And I botched big time! I posted E. H.’s story instead of mine! I just fixed it!—-mike 2/16/23)

Thanks for participating and remember, it’s never too late to do a story for any of these challenges and post it to the challenge blog post and I’ll add it.

Since July 4th is a long weekend, I’ll do the next draw on Monday July 11th. See you then!

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