Like “Spiders and Snakes?” Friday Flash Fiction for June 3, 2022 by Jeff Baker.

Spiders and Snakes

by Jeff Baker.

Jack had been kissing Kevin when the spiders appeared, hanging in the air.

“Uh, that’s this thing I have,” Jack said. “My thoughts manifest sometimes, like my anxieties, which I guess are spiders.

Kevin smiled. “You don’t have anxieties about us do you?”

They kissed again and the spiders disappeared.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’ve been celebrating my sixth anniversary of posting these weekly flash fiction stories, so I wanted to do this one: I’ve been posting excerpts of my stories on “Rainbow Snippets” where we post six lines of fiction with at least one LGBT character. I’d been tickled by the idea of doing a six-line story, so this one fit! And the prompt picture was from early on in Monday Flash Fucs before I joined in 2016. Special thanks to Theo Fenraven, Helena Stone, ‘Nathan Burgoine and Brigham Vaughn.

——-jeff baker, May 27, 2022.

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