Helena Stone’s Mitch and Cian: the Full Story!

My friend Helena Stone has just released a box set of her wonderful stories about Mitch and Cian!

Mitch & Cian – The Full Story Box Set – Helena Stone

A chance meeting leads to the romance of a lifetime. Can two young men hold tight to their blossoming love?

Ireland. Seventeen-year-old Mitch McCann isn’t out and isn’t sure he wants to be. When he’s bullied by his classmates for perceived gayness, he seeks refuge in an out-of-the-way library. But in the stacks, he meets the gorgeous guy he’s longed for, and one kiss is all it takes for his heart to be lost forever.

Cian Leavy may have made it to college, but he’s still new to romance. So when he falls for the handsome high school senior, he doesn’t know how to handle them living so far apart. But after they share a touching St. Patrick’s Day weekend together in Dublin, he realizes this could be everything he’s ever wanted.

When Mitch starts university and makes plans to move in with his beautiful beau, he’s nevertheless nervous about how it will go. And just when they’re about to reunite, Cian is devastated by the housing crisis threatening to destroy his plan for an eternity of bliss.

Can the sweet young couple find their way through turmoil to the relationship they both deserve?

Including 5 brand-new stories, Mitch & Cian -The Full Story is an unforgettable collection of M/M new adult romance. If you like heartfelt confessions, undeniable chemistry, and steamy moments, then you’ll adore Helena Stone’s pulse-pounding saga.

Buy Mitch & Cian Lessons -The Full Story Box Set to fall for the first time today!

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09V7YRKZR/?geniuslink=true

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