“You Drive.” On the Road for Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker, March 18, 2022.

Just Drive

by Jeff Baker

Jack gripped the wheel, his fists opening and shutting.

Just drive, Jack, he kept saying to himself. Just drive.

Don’t freak out. Speed limit. Watch the stop signs.

Rob and Joey are in the back seat. Trying to stay calm. Don’t speed over the damn speed bumps, it’ll make the stuff in the trunk bang around.

Maybe get hurt.

How much money were they going to get? Rob said they were just dealing in money. Maybe in bootleg hooch like that guy Capone.

He hoped Eddie wasn’t too uncomfortable banging around in the car trunk. Not too uncomfortable with his hands and feet tied or the big gag stuffed in his mouth.

Stop light ahead. At the intersection. Pull up easy. Stop. Yeah.

Deep breaths. Deeeep breaths. You can do this.

Oh Hell. Cop. Right beside me. At the stoplight.

Come on light, turn. Turnturnturn.

What’s that banging? Someone shooting? And that noise?

The cop’s looking. What’s that noise?

Oh, Lord. The gag. He’s yelling.

Yelling for help.


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