Rainbow Snippets Night Thoughts from Jeff Baker for March 12, 2022

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

Every week we post six lines from a work of ours, a work-in-progress or published, or a recommendation of someone else’s work with at least one LGBT character. Posted at Rainbow Snippets here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/963484217054974/user/100000260251127/

Another picture-prompt story this week.

Among my favorite TV shows to re-watch is “Soap,” the soap-opera spoof from the 1970s (which I saw first-run.) The picture prompt for this was a young father holding his young daughter. I always wondered what happened to Burt and Mary and Mary’s gay son Jodie and his little daughter. So I did this version and set them about ten years after the series ended.

This first snippet is a bit over six lines, but what the hey! Liz has awakened her husband Carl. She’s been fretting about the picture of their son and his little daughter…

“What picture? What about a picture? I thought you loved that picture.” Carl said.

“Our son has a baby,” Liz said. “We’re grandparents. We’re old. I’m old.”

“Forty nine isn’t old.” Carl said.

“Forty nine years, three months and six days.” Liz said, sulking. “Next come wrinkles, age spots, grey hair. I’m old. Oh, God, I remember ‘Your Show of Shows’ being on when I was a kid.”

Here’s snippet two:

“I guess I’m just in one of those moods,” Liz said. “But I love that picture of Jeremy and little Margie. Oh, my God…My Little Margie! I just realized! I wonder if Jeremy caught that?”

“He’s Gay, of course he caught it,” Carl said. “I’m turning out the light.”

Here’s the link to my original story: “Night Thoughts,” posted May 11, 2018. See you next week!https://authorjeffbaker.com/2018/02/11/turn-on-the-light-for-monday-flash-fics-for-february-12-2018-by-jeff-baker/

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6 Responses to Rainbow Snippets Night Thoughts from Jeff Baker for March 12, 2022

  1. P.T. Wyant says:

    LOL Fun snippet!

    I don’t need a picture to make me feel old, my body is doing that just fine all by its lonesome.

  2. janadenardo says:

    I’m feeling this snippet and the old feeling. Loved Soap

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