Flash Fiction Draws for March, 2022. Jeff Baker, March 7, 2022.

First the results: The draws for the March 2022 Flash Fiction Draw Challenge were a Four of Hearts, a Four of Clubs and a Five of Diamonds (low cards again!)

Meaning the story prompts for March are:

A Horror of Dark Fantasy

Set at the Bottom of the Ocean

Including a Broadsword.

Now for the details: The Flash Fiction Draw Challenge is a monthly flash fiction challenge done for FUN (no stress!) and started by ‘Nathan Burgoine and continued by Cait Gordon, Jeffrey Ricker and now Jeff Baker (ME!)

Basically, I draw three cards of different suits that correspond to a list of an object, a setting and a genre. Anybody who wants to play along can write a flash fiction story (1,000 words or less, we aren’t picky!) and post it here next Tuesday, March 15th. (I’m running behind, so take an extra day!) I’ll post the results for all to enjoy!

So, have fun and I’ll see you next week!

Have fun!


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