Fanfic With a Sack of Potatoes and a Side Order of Pizza: Flash Fiction Draw Challenge for February 2022—-Jeff Baker

Don’t I look demonic?

First things first: The cards drawn for February, 2022 were a Three of Hearts, a Four of Diamonds and a Two of Clubs corresponding to a Fan Fiction, set in a Pizza Parlor including a Sack of Potatoes.

So, Participants have until sometime next Monday (February 14th, Valentine’s Day) to write a fan fiction set in a pizza parlor with a sack of potatoes, 1,000 words or less. Everybody’s welcome to play!

Actually, take your time, do it whenever you want and the length is no biggie. Because this challenge is for fun! No pressure! Link your story to this blog or e-mail it to me or link it to my Facebook (where I’m posting it) or my (as Mike Mayak) Twitter, where I’m also posting it.

Special thanks to Jeff Ricker, Cait Gordon and ‘Nathan Burgoine who started and maintained this challenge for the past few years!

Well, good luck and I’ll see you with the results in a week!

——-jeff, a.k.a. mike

Oh, Yeah: Here’s the chart where I list all the choices for the draws! I’m no good at doing graphs online!

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