Strange Dream! Plot Bunny! There was a mask in there! (c. September 2nd, 2021) from Jeff Baker

Took a nap and had an oddball dream, straight out of one of E. Nesbit’s kids books. Dreamed I was some kid (14? 13?) who was explaining to his Mom & Dad how the dog’s teeth marks got on the portable radio. (It was about 1972 or so!) I was trying to hide some thingie that was sometimes a facemask and sometimes some very old Medieval thing I couldn’t identify. In the dream I was trying to keep the parents from finding out that I was using the thingie to shuttle back and forth between 1972 and (I think) about 1420 in the court of Henry V of England. Woke up before anything really interesting could happen. There’s a story in this, maybe a very short one!

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