Progress Report for August 2021 (so far) from Jeff Baker, August 17, 2021.

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Had a nice flurry of activity over the last two and a half weeks, writing-wise. First off, I wrote three of the regular Friday Flash Fiction stories (including one for next Friday) and one extra: The original story I wrote for August 7th was too long and too good so I sent it off to a mystery market, and wrote another short-short for FFF. Just about the same time, I found out about a monthly flash fiction contest out of Australia (that actually pays!!!) working off verbal prompts. I wrote another crime story in a couple of hours and sent it off! The NEXT night, I found another submission call for a story from a word prompt (this one from Shakespeare by way of M. R. James) and couldn’t resist a chance to do a riff on one of my favorite writers. Wrote it in a few hours and sent it off. (It was a matter of editing out some of what I’d written to make it fit the wordcount and that made it really work!) I also sent off a story I wrote last Summer for its intended market which finally opened up. And I worked on a couple of the monthly columns I do and wrote up about two others (I’m on a tear hear!) And, I got something published! Always nice to be able to update the bibliography!

That’s about it for now!

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