How Now Sarcophilus? Encounter the Devil (Not That One) for Friday Flash Fics by Jeff Baker. August 13, 2021.

How Now Sarcophilus?

Jeff Baker

“Okay, there it is,” Scott said. “In it’s native habitat. The legendary Tasma…”

“Can’t call it that!” Eddie said.

“Wait, we’re on live and you’re telling me when we’re doing a special on the Tasma…” Scott said.

“Hush! Quick! Quiet! Don’t!” Eddie said again.

“Okay, why can’t I say the name?” Scott asked.

“The cartoon studio.” Eddie said. “They own the copyright.”

“You’re kidding! You’re kidding, right?”

“No.” Eddie said.

“And we do a live show where I can’t say the name of what the show’s about?” Scott asked.

“You can, but the name has to be sarcophilus harrisii.” Eddie said.

“Sarco? The Latin name? I can’t use that! It sounds like an Egyptian mummy.” Scott said.

“Use it. And we’ve been in commercial for two minutes anyway.”

“Besides, the audience won’t know what we’re talking about!” Scott said.

“This is a documentary. They’re watching to learn.” Eddie said.

“This is T.V. The audience is as smart as a pie tin.” Scott said coldly.

“We can’t keep debating this on live TV.” Eddie said.

“We won’t be on for another five minutes.” Scott said.

“Geez commercial breaks have gotten long!” Eddie sighed.


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